Disclosure page

Employer is a school system in Georgia with approximately 28, 0000 students. The opinions expressed here are my own and are in no way a reflection of my employer. My employer pays me. My duties are between the school district and myself, present and past.

I receive no compensation for expressing my views and opinions. I do not give product reviews or accept compensation or products to review or in the name of my profession. I have no Media or Business ties.

I am a member of Georgia Music Educators Association and work with them on events for my choruses to perform at as required by employer. I volunteer with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Chorus and I will travel with the chorus and orchestra to performances in the US and abroad. They usually pay for my travel expenses to these performances and my membership with them is contingent upon an annual audition. They also provide me with a promotional copy of any cd recording I make with them. I do not give reviews on these or the chorus for monetary gain, but as I am biased because I am a member, I think they are awesome!

I started blogging in June of 2012. Most of the blogging that I do is about things that interest me, ideas and information about my classroom or class and assignments for my graduate degree. I do not blog about politics or religion.

I have made every attempt at transparency. Any errors will be reported and fixed immediately.


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