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597- Chorus New Members Podcast

I chose to post this under Media Utilization because it uses media (audio channel) to teach the audience about a topic, in this case how to join Chorus.


513 Multimedia and Contiguity

 I was one of those teachers who was trying to teach to all the different learning styles. I even gave my students a project to present and required them present to all the learning styles.  Now, after reading these articles, I couldn’t agree more with the idea that, students and audiences can get overloaded with too much information!

After reading the chapters in the book, I was also reminded of a concert I sang a few years ago. The program was Ralph Vaughan Williams A Sea Symphony (it’s a song about the sea and sailors). To try and connect with younger audiences, it was decided by the Artistic Director to project images similar to the topic of the symphony on a screen hanging over the stage. The images were of ocean waves, semaphore flags and an animation of an old woman covering her eyes. It was too much for the more mature members of the audience. One of our largest donors, seated in the seventh row, stood up and shouted “Boo to the pictures”, then he stomped out the door!

These readings, chapters 4 and 5 from the assigned text and the article on Power Point Presentations, distilled the feelings of this poor patron perfectly. Too much information at one time can cause the audience to become too distracted from the primary message. This man simply had too much to pay attention to: the instrumentalists playing the music, the chorus singing the music and text and the images and how they related to the text being sing.

There were many suggestions in chapters 4 and 5 that I would like to apply to previous assignments for my EDTECH classes as well as documents I have created in my own classroom. I particularly agreed with the concept of having the directions on the same page as the exercise (page 99). I  also was embarrassed to say I have committed the act of “Separation of Text and Graphics on Scrolling Screens” on page 96.
I did get nervous about the idea of having to create a lot of graphics and/or animations for this class. I was a little relieved when the chapter explained that graphics are best when they are not decorative. However, I am still anxious about graphics, as they are time consuming to create correctly, and I have no idea how to create an animation.

513 Creating my Learning Log

I already had a WordPress account from several earlier classes in the EDTECH program. I did have to alter the title and add my About page for this assignment. This assignment falls under AECT standard 2.3 and specificlly sub-sub category 2 briefly described as using a computer, and the internet, to create a journal (digital information).


2.3 Computer-Based Technologies

2.3.1 Design and produce audio/video instructional materials which use computer-based technologies.

2.3.2 Design, produce, and use digital information with computer-based technologies.

2.3.3 Use imaging devices (e.g., digital cameras, video cameras, scanners) to produce computer-based instructional materials.

2.3.4 Incorporate the use of the Internet, library online catalogs and electronic databases to meet the reference and learning needs of students and teachers.


This is a test for Category #2

Introductory Post

I am choosing this degree because it supports the rapidly endangered species of the music education classroom.The standards for music education in the state of Georgia include composition and music technology. Macs are the industry standard for music technology- ask the radio station 99x or even Disney. Yet, my school has one iMac bought with fundraiser money for 1200 students.

I hope that I will learn the newest software and applications. If I can’t get iMacs, then what can I use to get kids to meet the standard and get the students composing? I want to learn how to organize the kids’ ideas and focus them into a meaningful product.

My goal is to enhance my current teacher-centered lessons while writing new units that are student-centered and performance based. My goal is also to engage the community in new ways in my classroom daily and performances seasonally. I hope to gain updated ways to get students to express themselves and help them write and publish. I believe my educational growth through this degree will help me show how accessible the arts can be to students ages 5 to 95.