541- Reflection

During this course,  541 Integrating Technology into the Classroom Curriculum,  I investigated my school’s network and discovered the lack of understanding in my district for technology. The “walled garden” is unlikely to be opened in the near future. As the course progressed, I discovered many resources that I can use in my classroom, even with a very small budget. There are networking sites for distance learning, video caches that I can stream for free into the classroom and resources for all subject areas, not just the music classroom where I teach.

As I worked through the assignments, there many of the AECT standards that I feel I can now say I am capable of accomplishing:
2.0.1 Select appropriate media to produce effective learning environments using technology resources.
2.0.4 Apply appropriate learning and psychological theories to the selection of appropriate technological tools and to the development of instructional and professional products.
2.0.5 Apply appropriate evaluation strategies and techniques for assessing effectiveness of instructional and professional products.
2.0.6 Use the results of evaluation methods and techniques to revise and update instructional and professional products.
I can suggest and train teachers in different subject areas on technology suitable to attain curriculum goals.

3.2.1 Identify strategies for the diffusion, adoption, and dissemination of innovations in learning communities.
3.3.1 Use appropriate instructional materials and strategies in various learning contexts.
3.3.2 Identify and apply techniques for integrating ECIT innovations in various learning contexts.
3.3.3 Identify strategies to maintain use after initial adoption.
I can train a staff, a school, a committee or team or district officials on technology implementation.

4.0.1 Demonstrate leadership attributes with individuals and groups (e.g., interpersonal skills, group dynamics, team building).
I can see myself taking on a leadership role in educational technology in my school and/or district.

As I started this class and was disheartened by the dismal resources allocated by my district, I gave up on shiny new technology and hardware like iMacs, which are the music industry standard. As the class progressed, I regained my motivation as I was armed with websites, resources and lesson plans to achieve the same goals and set even higher expectations.

Blogging Efforts:
The first category in the rubric for blogging efforts mentions “full of thought”. That struck me as I reflected because so much of this course permeated my full days. I discussed with my professional peers (are they tierd of me talking about this course!?) at the dinner table, during bath time and late into the night as we typed sie by side in the office. So, “full of thought” were my blogging posts.
I also always made and attempt to post early, not this one of course, and to try to respond to those who had none or very few responses. Giving myself a grade, I would say, would be a 90- not perfect like I wanted to but better thans the average joe on the street.


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  1. Posted by Jackie Gerstein on May 12, 2011 at 5:01 pm

    Yes, yes, yes to “As the class progressed, I regained my motivation as I was armed with websites, resources and lesson plans to achieve the same goals and set even higher expectations.” I taught gifted ed. with 8 old computers and internet access – the kids did amazing things. I am thrilled you regained your motivation!


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