541 Integrating the Internet into the Curriculum

I have included my script for the VoiceThread here. I have a bad cold and wasn’t sure if I could be understood.

Advantage of integrating technology in and across the curriculum by Liz Dean. The most obvious advantage of integrating technology into the curriculum is communication. In our textbook “ Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching” by Roblyer and Doering states “Increasingly, the internet has become a primary form of communication for teachers and students, replacing traditional channels” (p 220)  and “Imitating the gradual spread of electrical power and telephone access into all parts of the United States during the early 1900’s , high-speed Internet connections are becoming increasingly ubiquitous in the 2000’s” (p.23).
To use the internet in my music classroom is a no-brainer. The idea of communication and music go hand in hand. We have to be careful to focus the lesson and understand fully how to use the technology because music technology is a huge field. I like the questions asked by Pisano in his article “Should We Utilize Technology in the Music Classroom? Questions to Ask  First”.  Pisano warns “If you only partially understand a piece of technology it may cause more grief than if you didn’t use it.”
It is understandable, as with anything new, that there is always resistance from those wary of new ideas that don’t last and from those reluctant to change. Pisano concludes the article with question number 7 “I’m too old and don’t have the time to learn anything new, what do you want me to do?” to which his response is “SHAME ON YOU, SHAME ON US!  As educators, we need to be constantly learning and challenging ourselves to become better teachers.”
We as teachers are not exempt from learning. If we are to continue to teach past the date of our graduation from college, then we also need to educate ourselves. Communication is a never-ending attempt to convey and receive.

Should We Utilize Technology In The Music Classroom? Questions To Ask First.
Submitted by J. Pisano

Roblyer, M. D., & Doering, A. H. (2010). Integrating educational technology into teaching, (5th ed.). Boston: Allyn & Bacon.


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