541 Internet Resources Lesson Plan

Internet Resources Lesson Plan

Music Standards:
MMSIC.6 – Listening to, analyzing, and describing music
b. Listen to and analyze a musical recording or video in musical terms
c. Utilize writing skills to describe the elements of music and the emotions and thoughts that music communicates.

MMSIC.7 – Evaluating music and music performances
a. Listen to and evaluate group music performances
b. Reflect on the nature of performance in music and in related arts through discussion and writing.

Set up time: 10 minutes
Lesson time: 40 minutes
Post Lesson: 1 hour (for grading)

Lesson Plan:
Students need to login to their computers and plug in their headphones. Type in the address.
http://www.keepingscore.org/sites/default/files/swf/beethoven/full Students will need to number paper 1 to 10.

Listen to the opening dialogue with Michael Tilson Thomas. 1) What is Thomas’s  job? Music Director of the San Francisco Symphony

2) To whom was this symphony dedicated? Prince Lobkowitz

Listen to the first section (measures 1-131) of the first movement and follow along in the music. Make sure that you show the markups and show the theme. Listen to sections two and section three.

3) What is the famous “mistake” in section three? The french horns enter too early

Continue by listening to sections four and five. Listen to the second movement and expand the video screen in the top left corner. Notice that the entire orchestra is wearing black.

4) Why do you think this is?It’s their uniform
5) Does it add to or take away from the performance? Why are uniforms important? Various answers

6) What instrument has the main solo in the first section of the second movement? Oboe
7)What instrument family does this come from? Woodwind

As you watch, section three of the second movement, notice the conductor.

8 ) What is unusual about him? Notice his baton, what he is wearing, the podium he is standing on- everything around him. He doesn’t have a score- he has memorized the music.

9) What do you think Beethoven was feeling when he wrote the Erocia Symphony? Various answers
10) Think about a sad time in your life. What instruments would you use to write a song about that sad time? Various answers

Now type in this address: http://www.dsokids.com/games/baseball/default.aspx
At the end of each inning, raise your hand to show me your score. You need to have at lease three runs at the end of each inning.

Now type in this address: http://www.dsokids.com/games/timemachine/default.aspx
At the end of each round, raise your hand to show me your score. You need to have at least three correct at the end of each round.

Lastly, go to: https://bubbl.us/ and login under SMMS Chorus. The password is 13531. You will need to create a brainstorm map based on what you learned today about Beethoven. It needs to include at least ten facts about the composer and/or his music. You may also include other facts and opinions. Make sure you save it and print a copy out. You will need to write your name and your file name on the paper you turn in to receive credit.


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