Tech Trends

Alternate Reality was the most interesting tool in the 2010 Horizons Report. Using a phone or computer with a camera you can see an overlay of information on top of the real picture the camera is seeing. For example, you can walk down the street and use your phone’s camera at a busy intersection and see directions to the closest subway station. At your computer, you can take a picture of your face and overlay what the newest makeup looks like on you or even play “Paper, Rock, Scissors”.

I can see myself using this in multiple ways. New visitors to our area could use this to find our school and once here to navigate the interior of the building. Students in my Chorus classroom could scan their music, then get useful information like tempo and key changes as well as background information on the composer and time period. youtube for the future of Rock Band
I could easily see this technology used for all instrument teachers.

My biggest hope is that this will be combined with e-book and open content. My biggest concern is the lack of resources at the non-techie level to create something like this for my classroom.

Other demonstrations of this technology and the first two use QR codes that the cameras will recognize.

2010 Horizons Report
SnapDragonAR (storybook application)-
Augemented Reality Explained by Common Craft
Digital StoryTelling-
WikiEd Augemented Reality in Education– (this is the best website of the ones listed here)


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