Elements Assignment

I think how an item or tool is used it most often what defines it. USAGE means it’s a stick until a monkey uses it to get ants. The idea that “where the solution meets the problem” (page 8 ) was fine until I realized that it means that the curriculum is a “problem”. I don’t see educational technology as a “solution” but a vehicle. I think that anything could be educational technology but it’s up to the teacher to choose wisely and reflect on the end product. If it didn’t teach the standard then, you failed.

I have used several websites in the past including the Mozart effect, the History of Rock and Roll and the Beatles. At the end of the project, I asked the student what was something new they learned- I got very low level responses and nothing memorable. Whether is was the way I used it or the website itself, I dumped the whole idea.

I don’t agree with the idea of institutionalization. That defines it as a change to something. If you are already using gradebook software and they change it- that fits. But what do you call the use of technology by staff and teachers such as i-Grade and scheduler software- it that still educational technology or office and managerial software?


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