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I am choosing this degree because it supports the rapidly endangered species of the music education classroom.The standards for music education in the state of Georgia include composition and music technology. Macs are the industry standard for music technology- ask the radio station 99x or even Disney. Yet, my school has one iMac bought with fundraiser money for 1200 students.

I hope that I will learn the newest software and applications. If I can’t get iMacs, then what can I use to get kids to meet the standard and get the students composing? I want to learn how to organize the kids’ ideas and focus them into a meaningful product.

My goal is to enhance my current teacher-centered lessons while writing new units that are student-centered and performance based. My goal is also to engage the community in new ways in my classroom daily and performances seasonally. I hope to gain updated ways to get students to express themselves and help them write and publish. I believe my educational growth through this degree will help me show how accessible the arts can be to students ages 5 to 95.


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  1. Hi Liz,

    It’s great to see another music educator/musician taking this program with me. I love your mission statement, and I’m in agreement with you all the way from my music classroom in New Jersey. Luckily, I’ve had more access to mac technology here. I just got a macbook in my district last year and have been able to discover, explore, learn and am doing my best to hopefully share this with my students just as you wrote about. Hopefully we can share ideas as we learn together.


    Adam Aguanno


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